Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you provide a domain name for me?

    Yes, we will register a domain name of your choice if you don't already have one. 

  • Will you provide hosting for me?

    Yes, we will provide hosting and a domain name for you.

  • What if I don’t know what plan I need?

    Click the "Get Free Consultation" button at the top of the hope page. We will then give you a call to help you make the best selection for your needs.

  • How can I make the order?

    Click pricing in the menu then click the "Select Plan" button next to the plan you want to purchase then follow the steps to complete your first payment.

  • Do you have a money back guarantee?

    A full refund will be given if the order is cancelled within 5 business days of the initial payment.

  • How can I change my plan?

    Select your new plan and complete the payment process. We will then cancel your old plan and the new plan will remain active. If your old plan was a yearly payment then contact us before you upgrade.

  • How much will my website cost?

    It depends. We know that’s not what you want to hear. You’re looking for a ballpark figure you can use to determine how much you need to save, or you need a quick quote to carry back to your boss. We get it. But so many factors go into a website that it’s almost impossible to give you a figure without getting some more information from you. Read more in our blog here.

  • What is the best plan package to choose?

    It depends on the needs of your organization. Our Basic Plans are for those small businesses who want to get their name on the World Wide Web while our Standard and Professional Plans are for those who want to accept donations online or sell products directly from their website.

  • What if I don't want to be on a Plan?

    We encourage you to be on a plan as your website may need additional updates throughout the year. You may also need upgrades, changes or additional functionality added. Not having a plan prevents you from making use of the excellent support we provide with having a plan.

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